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Reconnect to your soul
Heal with light frequency artwork
Rebalance with advanced energy tools
Be empowered during pregnancy and labour


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Soul Portraits
Your soul channelled and drawn in a healing artwork and fully explained in a videoed psychic soul reading. 
I can also connect with the soul of unborn babies and young children.
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Soul Frequency Reading
Discover a deeper understanding about your soul purpose and life challenges in a powerful recorded reading.


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Energy Healing
I offer in-person or online energy healing sessions using various vibrational healing tools and techniques, which I intuitively choose according to your energy signature.

Birth Doula
I offer Birth Doula services in Brighton and the surrounding areas. I am trauma informed and have counselling and extensive holistic therapy qualifications and experience. 


Lightcode Tattoo Designs
Have your soul frequency channelled and drawn into a unique tattoo design. Each design comes with a psychic translation that explains how the image connects 

directly to you and your energy.

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End of Life Doula
I provide compassionate person-centred support for individuals and those close to them. I bring care and practical support to help people achieve the death they choose.

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