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Terms & Conditions

I am required to state that my readings are for entertainment purposes only and that you use your discernment and your own judgement with all readings of this kind.  I always set the intention that you will hear what you need to hear at this time for your greatest and highest good and your own personal and soul growth always.


As a Energy Healer I offer services that are of a metaphysical nature. I am not a medical or psychological professional and I am unable to diagnose, prescribe, treat, cure, or claim to cure any ailment be it mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual in nature. Nor can I comment or advise on any legal matters. All information obtained via my readings is to be taken solely as advisory only and not as a replacement for a professional medical care, or a professional consultation.


By proceeding with paying for your services with me you legally confirm that I, Sarah Goodman will not be held personally, legally, or financially liable for any changes you decide to make in life based upon any advice you received from the aforementioned. 


By purchasing any of my services, you confirm that you understand and agree to the above disclaimer.

Genral Privacy Policy

1. Further terms.

1.1 We at are committed to safeguarding the privacy of our website visitors and services users of 

1.2 Throughout this policy, “we”, “us”, and “our” refers to Sarah Goodman.

2. How we use your data

2.1 In this policy we have outlined:

a) The type of personal data that we may process;

b) The purpose for which we may process personal data; and

c) The legal bases of the processing

 2.2 We currently collect and process the following information:

a) Personal identifiers, contacts and characteristics (name, contact details)

b) Email address

c) Financial information for payment only

d) Personal address if purchase needs to be delivered

 2.3 How we get the personal information and why we have it

Most of the personal information we process is provided to us directly by you for one of the following reasons:

a) So we can contact you about your purchase, subscription, or other services we provide.

2.4 The legal bases for processing your data

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the lawful bases we rely on for processing this information are:

a) Your consent. By purchasing a product or service from you are providing us with your consent to process your data. If you want us to remove your consent at any time, you can do this by contacting Sarah at

b) We have a vital interest

c) We need it to perform a public task

d) We have a legitimate interest

3. Who we share your personal information with

We may share this information with organisations or applications that will help us to deliver your purchased goods or services.

4. How we store your personal information

Your information is securely stored on Sarah Goodman’s computer.

5. Contact Details

If you have any questions or concerns about the nature of this policy please don’t hesitate to contact Sarah Goodman via

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