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Would you like a truly personal and one of a kind sacred Light Language Frequency Tattoo design?


I connect with your higher self and channel your unique healing light encoded design to bring you back to your soul's divine and original blueprint. 


All hand-drawn designs come with a video recorded detailed explanation of your design, intimately linking every area of the design with who you are. Each line, shape, colour and marking provides me with intuitive information to fully understand your unique soul's expression and character. 


The physical tattoo design will then be posted to you. 


By purchasing any of my services, you confirm that you understand and agree to my terms and conditions.

Personal Frequency Tattoo Design

  • Hand drawn unique lightcode tattoo.

    Designed and channelled individually just for you.

    You receive the physical artwork in the post and a digital image of the tattoo design. Plus a videoed recording psychic interpretation of what the design means and how it relates to you.

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