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These readings have developed after years of sharing psychic readings and combining all my psychic gifts. I use a mixture of Colour Mirror bottles, oracle cards, frequency tools and my intuitive gifts.

Soul Frequency readings provide you with a powerful understanding of your life purpose, natural strengths and challenges in this lifetime. 

I cover 3 main areas in the recordings. To start with I intuitively describe who you truly are at a human and energetic level. Next I share what is your main challenge or block to overcome. Finally I share the way forward and best way for you to reach your highest potential in this lifetime. 

These readings help you to understand yourself at a very deep level, feeling deeply understood and seen. This gives you the courage to create the life you know is available for you. 


By purchasing any of my services, you confirm that you understand and agree to my terms and conditions.

Soul Frequency Intuitive Reading

  • All readings are videoed and sent to you via email. 

    By purchasing this item you are agree to my terms and conditions. 

    Terms and conditions.

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